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“” is an information based online news portal of Bangladesh. This news portal is an unique attempt of a group of curious & investigative young journalists. From the inception (2017), we are using state of the art technology to ensure updating of real news for our readers. All the required news sector such as democracy, politics, economy, education, health, culture, sports, entertainment and information etc. are included in the portal. storing this slogan in our hearts, we are determined to maintain neutral role instead of following yellow journalism. We are trying to build a bridge of information with the Bengali spoken people all over the world and We are also trying to open a new window in the online sky. Our main promises are to take the fruit of freedom to deprived people’s bed room. equal distribution in terms of economics, establishing democracy for mass people, expressing the main character of terrorist, bribe taker, corrupted as well as god fathers of drug dealer and dirty politicians. Above all, we are build a happy, enriched, developed, habitable world for all and finally, to help to fulfill these goals are our actual commitment.

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